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Shannon Brennan

The Baller

Shannon played team sports all throughout her childhood and teen years, which heavily influenced her love of working out and being involved in a team environment. She carried her love of fitness into her college years, where she started working out solo. By focusing on personal goals, rather than team goals, Shannon was able to find a different side of fitness. Fitness became her outlet for life  – it became her “me time.” After college, Shannon started working for a large weight loss company in the area, helping with managing their testimonial program. The experience allowed her to fall in love with helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Fast forward to today, and one career change later and she is now a certified Personal Trainer and Group instructor, helping people change their lives one workout at a time. Her background in both solo and team training is something she tries to bring into every session, and she reminds her clients, “we’re all in this as a team, but keep your personal goals in mind.”

What can you expect in Shannon’s classes?
I am loud, unapologetic, and in my classes you’ll have the time of your life. Signature phrases include: “Hard in the paint,” “Balls to the walls,” “This is what you came for,” “I know you’re tired, but that’s when you push even harder,” and, “HELL YES!”

Shannon’s favorite thing about BPM:
What’s there not to love about BPM? From the outside – the studio is amazing, the Stages bikes are the best I’ve ridden in the city, and strength equipment is incredible. From the inside – the workout is on point. I love the combination of 25 minutes cycling and 25 minutes strength training. As someone who thrives in the strength training aspect, I really enjoy how the workout is so easily modified and advanced for various people. I also love that it is low impact and body- weight focused.

The icing on the cake for BPM is the members, instructors, and the team behind the scenes at the studio. The BPM culture is similar to that of a giant family. Who wouldn’t want to workout with a group of people that support you every single day?!

Favorite Exercise:
Anything involving a Squat

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