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Liz McKenna

The Contender

Since the age of four, Liz has been a part of athletics. Ranging from field hockey, to swimming, and everything in-between, Liz  has loved it all! Liz went on to Loyola University as a division one swimmer. There she took on the role as team captain and set the 200m backstroke record (which she still holds today!). Beyond setting records, two things that Liz loved the most about her athletic career was the lifelong friendships and connections she was able to create, and setting challenging goals for herself.  Pushing herself beyond limits and expectations is something Liz prides herself on to this day. Once Liz’s collegiate career ended, she went into a corporate job but always kept coaching athletics on the side. In her corporate journey, she felt lost and disconnected to who she was. Coaching always gave her a taste of the world she was familiar with and she soon realized that that was the place she needed to be. After a few months in the corporate world, she realized a desk job was no longer the right fit, and decided to leap even further into the fitness industry as a personal and group fitness trainer. The ability to meet and work with such hardworking and like minded individuals has always been her dream, and she can now say it is a reality! Liz’s passion to help others reach their goals and surpass their potential has been nothing short of an amazing journey that she hopes will never end!

What can you expect in Liz’s classes:
You can expect to be taken on a wild ride of stellar beats, positive vibes and limitless physical and mental experiences. You will be motivated, yet challenged, and encouraged, yet tested. You can expect to never ride alone, but instead with your BPM team. In my class, you will be able to find a space removed from the outside world where stress is released and energy is renewed. You will be pushed to your max and encouraged to test your limits. I can promise that you will leave with full momentum to continue living your best life!

Liz’s favorite thing about BPM:
My favorite thing about BPM is the family and support system it gives me both within the staff and the members. I love the consistent drive to always push towards learning something new and to never quit or give up on yourself or your potential! I love the positive and friendly space BPM has created and am beyond blessed to have received such an amazing opportunity!

Favorite Exercise:
TRX OH Squat

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