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Katie Book

The Dancer

Favorite Exercise:
TRX Pike Jacks

It all started with dance for Katie. She has a BFA in ballet from Marymount Manhattan College and is a professional dancer for Project Moshen, a dance company in Philadelphia. When Katie first graduated college, she got a job at the front desk of an Equinox, but was never interested in “lifting.” She had all of the usual misconceptions about working out, using terms like, “toned and lean,” “bulky girls,” and “spot treating.” It wasn’t until a trainer friend of hers convinced her to start training with him, that her eyes were opened and she was hooked on fitness forever. She was so struck by the positive change that fitness made in her life, and she knew she had to share this already-out-in-the-open secret with as many people as she could reach. Fast forward to today and not only is Katie still dancing, she’s also a Personal Trainer in the city of Philadelphia and a coach at BPM, inspiring people to look beyond all of the fitness misconceptions and do what makes their bodies feel good.

What can you expect in Katie’s classes:
I love to push hard in class but keep the atmosphere light. There’s no reason your workout should be torture! I’ll often say things like, “There’s a light at the end of the tunnel,” or,  “You can do anything for 30 seconds!”

Katie’s favorite thing about BPM:
The thing that fulfills me at BPM is the people. No matter what, everyone here is your cheerleader and support system, and they know you can do it even when you don’t know if you can.

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