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As a kid, dance consumed Jordyn’s life. She studied ballet from the time she was 4 until she was about 17. She was always very active growing up, never wanting to sit still and always out doing something. But she wasn’t always fit. It wasn’t until her senior year of highschool that she started taking her health seriously and started to fall in love with the fitness world. It was around that same time she had to choose what to study in college, and she landed on Exercise Science. She got her Associate’s Degree and then Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science along with a Personal Training Certification and a few other certifications following that. After graduation, she moved to Philadelphia to pursue a career in fitness. While she’s still new(ish) to the fitness scene as a professional, Jordyn absolutely loves what she does and enjoys sharing her passion and knowledge with everyone that crosses her path (check out her neverending fitspo @jordynhnasko on Instagram)!

What can you expect in Jordyn’s classes?
Both in and out of the classroom, these are the mottos I live by: Be you. Be accountable. Love your body (at every stage) and appreciate what it can do. Know your limits – so you can push past them. And get comfortable being uncomfortable – that’s how you change.

Jordyn’s favorite thing about BPM:
I love BPM Fitness because of its unique, welcoming, supportive, and motivating vibe. I was drawn to the concept of BPM and to TRX Training because of the challenging workouts –  as well as the adaptability and functionality of the movements that are practiced. I genuinely think BPM provides a superior workout in an amazing, friendly environment. 🙂

Favorite Exercise:
TRX Clock Press & TRX Clock Pull or TRX Burpees

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