You asked, we answered

Yes! We provide both towels for you to use while you’re taking class and shower towels if you need them to freshen up after!

You betcha! We have 2 showers in the ladies room and 2 showers in the men’s room along with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, disposal razors, and everything else you need to get ready for your day or night!

We do not provide shoes at our facility. Our bikes are SPD compatible, so riders are more than welcome to bring and wear their own shoes. All of our bikes also have toe straps, so sneakers work perfectly fine as well.

Easy! Just click My Account, create an account, then select “First Class 2 for 1” and check out!

At BPM Fitness we program for movement rather than just body parts. Every day is a full-body workout designed to work your body differently, making it possible and safe to come and take class as often as you want! We use TRX straps, battle ropes, sand bags, dumbbells, and resistance bands to provide give you the most high-powered and fun workout in the city!

Traditional resistance training, whether using free weights or a machine, typically involves using 1 muscle group and joint at a time moving in a single plane of motion. Our training is based on TRX’s functional training pyramid, which is made up of 7 functional movements. The plank is at the top of the pyramid, and the 6 remaining movements (Squat, Pull, Hinge, Push, Lunge, and Rotate) are beneath. Each day we incorporate 2 or more of these movements with a focus on what should be stable and what should be mobile. We train to make you not only stronger and fitter, but also to improve your mobility.

Cycle BPM is our signature 45-minute indoor cycling class. During the class members will ride to the beat of the music as they are taken through a range of different speeds, hills, and flat roads. All of our bikes are state-of-the-art Stages SC3 indoor cycling bikes with built-in power meters that measure your actual power output in watts and display it on your bikes’ console along with your heart rate if you wear an ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor. We guide you in how to use wattage to give you a reliable measure of how hard you are working and to assist you in setting goals in class. at the end of each class, our performance IQ tracking system will send you a private email with your personal performance data so that you can see your progress over time.

Well technically, you don’t have to…but the option is there if you want it! If you do choose not to register for a bike, you will be automatically assigned to one. The reason for the assignments? All of our bikes are registered with performance tracking software, which gives riders a detailed readout of how they did during the class. In order to choose a specific bike, select a bike and hit reserve! After class, you’ll receive a personal email with your class stats so you can check to see how you’re doing over time.

We offer both! We want you to have options! You can either buy a 10 or 20-class pack, or you can purchase a 8x Per Month Membership or a 12-Month Unlimited Membership.

Our Intro 5-class pack expires in 1 month, all 10-class packs expire in 3 months, and our 20-class packs expire in 6 months. The 8x Per Month Membership auto-renews each month. You’ll have 8 classes on your account to use at your own pace. The classes will not roll over, but each month you’ll start fresh with 8 new classes. The 12-Month Unlimited Membership auto-renews every month. For both the 8x Per Month and the 12-Month Unlimited, we require 30 days’ notice to cancel. There is no penalty for canceling! For all Memberships, you’ll be locked in at the rate you purchased at for 12 billing cycles.

Yes! Packages and memberships can be used to sign up for all regularly scheduled classes!

We do! We offer a discounted rate to students, active and reserve members of our military, and nurses. If this applies to you, send us a photo of your ID and we’ll place the membership on your account. Once the membership is active, the discounted pricing will become available to you and it is good for one year.



We recommend 3 to 5 times per week. You can mix it up with our Cycle BPM, Strength Only classes, as well as our Hybrid classes. This will enable you to come to classes more often without feeling burned out or overly fatigued.