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Yes! We provide both towels for you to use while you’re taking class and shower towels if you need them to freshen up after!

You betcha! We have 2 showers in the ladies room and 2 showers in the men’s room along with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, disposal razors, and everything else you need to get ready for your day or night!

We do not provide shoes at our facility. Our bikes are SPD compatible, so riders are more than welcome to bring and wear their own shoes. All of our bikes also have toe straps, so sneakers work perfectly fine as well.

Easy! Just go to the Pricing page, create an account, and select “First Class Free” and check out!

TRX is a functional training tool that allows people of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds to move and feel better! The TRX is a set of adjustable straps that can be used for a variety of different exercises. Expect a killer workout that will not only crush your core and get your heart rate up, but will also be one of the most fun and unique workouts you’ve ever done!

TRX Fit and Strong are our 45-minute TRX classes, and BPM Fit and Strong are our signature hybrid workouts consisting of 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of TRX. The Fit workouts focus on high intensity interval training and consist of timed sets that get the heart rate up and incorporate power-based movements that will challenge your strength, speed, and agility. The Strong workouts are strength and endurance based workouts where we will work for a certain number of repetitions (or work until max out) and focus on movements that are slightly slower and more grinding.

Cycle BPM is our signature 45-minute indoor cycling class.  During the class members will ride to the beat of music as they are taken through a range of different speeds and hill levels. All of our bikes are state-of-the-art Stages MC3 indoor cycling bikes.

Great question! All of our bikes are registered with Performance IQ, which gives riders a detailed readout of how they did during the class. In order to sign up for cycling, select a bike and hit reserve! After class you’ll receive an email with your class stats you can check in to see how you’re doing over time!

We offer both! We want you to have options! You can either buy a 10 or 20-class pack, or you can purchase a 30-Day Unlimited or a 12-Month Unlimited Membership.

Our 10-class packs expire in 3 months and our 20-class packs expire in 6 months. The 30-day Unlimited Membership expires 30 days from the date of purchase.

Our 12-Month Unlimited Membership is a monthly recurring membership that will renew every month on the same billing date. Members will be locked in at their current rate for a full year. If there is a pricing increase before that year is up, the increase will not go into effect for a full calendar year after the initial purchase of the membership. The 12-Month Unlimited can be cancelled without penalty, we just require a 30-day notice in order to cancel the membership.

Yes! All packages and memberships can be used for cycling, TRX, or hybrid classes.

We do! We offer a discounted rate to students as well as members of our military. If you’re interested in the Student/Military pricing, send us a photo of your ID card and we’ll place the membership on your account. Once the membership is active, the Student/Military pricing will become available to you.

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