Rachel Sneeden


Rachel Sneeden

Rachel likes to describe herself as the least competitive and athletic fitness professional. Literally. She grew up as a musician aka band nerd. Sports were never her thing. She played lacrosse for a minute in high school and ran the ball down the wrong way on the field during a game (true story! She was however on a water ski team – solo sports were kinder to her). When she got to college at University of Florida and realized that sorority life would not make her happy, she found community and friends at the campus gym. She started taking cycling classes to cope with stress and found an instructor that she loved so much and made her want to do the same thing. She got certified and started coaching classes in college. She truly found confidence and self assurance through fitness. After a brief 9 months in advertising post grad, she realized a desk job wasn’t it. Rachel got her training certification and started training and teaching around Philadelphia. She moved to NYC where she worked at more studios. Really any format you can think of besides yoga and dance Rachel has probably taught it. But she thrives on coaching strength and cycling. 

What can you expect in Rachel’s classes:

Rachel will push you just enough to keep you wanting more. Ask any of Rachel’s clients how they describe her and they would say something like “She feels like my best friend so I just do what she tells me and it always kicks my ass!” Rachel is motivating, relatable, and really just wants to make sure you’re taken care of. Expect great music, great cues, great vibes. She will also hand you heavier weights if you can handle them. 

Rachel’s favorite thing about BPM:
The fact that everyone can just be THEMSELVES. It feels like a safe space and a breath of fresh air. It’s not about competition, it’s about inclusivity. 

Favorite Exercise:

Kettlebell swings all day every day

  • RKC 1 

  • ACE CPT 

  • Precision Nutrition 

  • CFSC