Kalika Fail

Master Coach

Kalika Fail
The Performer

Kalika has been a lover of movement since she can remember! She started dancing at the age of three, continued through high school at a performing arts school, and moved on to receive her Bachelor’s of Science in Dance Studies at the University of South Florida. She later moved to Philadelphia and continued dancing by way of burlesque in the Peek-A-Boo Revue. This love of movement translated to fitness around 2008 when Kalika started taking Sgt. Nate’s Ranger Training classes 5 days per week at Washington Square Park and quickly became addicted. Not only did she physically feel stronger and faster than ever, but mentally her life changed. Having that one hour a day to just focus on her was everything. In 2011, Kalika decided she was done working behind a desk and needed to cultivate a career in the fitness world. She started teaching some outdoor ranger training classes and indoor strength training classes. Fast forward to today and you can find Kalika training all around Philly and loving every minute of it!

Kalika’s favorite thing about BPM:
I love the people I work for and with – everyone is a total pro, but remains down to earth and real. I appreciate the genuine care that everyone has for each other and the job they are doing. The excitement that everyone has about BPM is contagious – the clients feel it and it circles right back to the coaches. I also find the frequent use of the F-bomb to be comforting. In addition, the workouts are badass! Those bikes bring the burn like no other and the variety in the TRX room makes me feel strong, balanced, and mobile. As a dancer, the combination of strength and mobility is extremely important to me!

What can you expect in Kalika’s classes?
My classes are form-focused and motivating! I’m often said to be sweet, but evil because I make you work super hard, but all with a smile. You also might catch me dancing to my playlists in class once in a while.

Favorite Exercise:
TRX Crunch with Single Leg Release

  • AFAA Personal Training Certified
  • Stages Cycling 
  • TRX Qualified
  • CPR & AED