Ella Guimond

Master Coach & General Manager

Ella Guimond
The Competitor

Growing up, Ella’s identity was an athlete. As a softball, basketball and soccer player, Ella thrived off of the support she felt from her team and the inner drive she felt from competing. When she left for college, Ella lost much of her identity as a competitive athlete, and had to find other exercise routines, filling her time running, lifting, and rowing on the University of San Diego Crew team. After college, Ella moved to Central America to work for a study abroad program. Running on the hot and exhaust-filled streets of El Salvador quickly became unappealing, so Ella started looking for different fitness routines. She stumbled upon a local gym and tried out an indoor cycling class. Picture a small jam-packed room with no air conditioning or fans, hot Salvadoran heat pouring through the windows, and a Salvadoran instructor yelling at you in Spanish while bachata plays through the speaker. Cycling quickly became Ella’s outlet for that year, and when she moved to Philadelphia, she instantly looked for indoor cycling classes. After three years of cycling, Ella decided to take the plunge and get certified through Mad Dogg Athletics. After becoming engaged with the fitness world through cycling, Ella quickly found a passion for strength training and TRX. She noticed that lifting weights and doing TRX made her feel stronger, more fit, and more determined to strengthen her body. Coaching cycling and strength training is unlike anything Ella has ever done- she loves motivating people, pushing people past their limits, and providing them a space and a time to dig deep internally and find their intention.

What can you expect in Ella’s classes?
You can expect a sweaty, heart-throbbing ride with some sick beats that will push you past your limits- physically and mentally. You can expect to be challenged to find intention and courage in your ride, and you can expect to let go of everything going on around you when you enter that strength studio, ready to lift a little heavier, squat a little deeper, and jump a little higher. Plus, I promise you’ll leave class smiling- whether its from accomplishing something new or laughing at my corny jokes. I will challenge you to push past your limits, to set an intention, and to be proud of what you’ve accomplished, whether small or big. Together, we’ve got this.

Ella’s favorite thing about BPM:
My favorite thing about BPM Fitness is that it encompasses community, energy and heart. As soon as you walk through those doors you know you are going to get a kickass workout while being coached by people who genuinely care and want you to succeed. Fitness is about bringing people together, challenging them to push past their limits, and being a source of empowerment– and that is what BPM Fitness is all about. I feel a sense of home, empowerment and purpose at BPM Fitness, and I loved watching our coaches, members and community feel that too.

Favorite Exercise:
TRX Overhead Squats

  • Maddog and Stages Cycling Certified
  • TRX Qualified
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Certified
  • 200 Registered Yoga Teacher Training
  • CPR & AED