Courtney Stone


Courtney Stone
The Motivator

At the age of 3, Courtney’s parents enrolled her in dance classes and she immediately fell in love with dancing and performing on stage. Throughout high school, she performed in musicals, and in college, joined the dance team for 3 years. To keep active in college, she started taking Zumba classes along with other fitness classes. After graduating college, Courtney became a Zumba instructor. Instructing Zumba eventually led to teaching barre classes, HIIT classes, to presently becoming a personal trainer. Courtney has a strong passion for making sure others can reach their fitness goals in a safe and welcoming space.

What can you expect in Courtney’s classes:

You can expect great music and a challenging class. I will always push you to be better and stronger. During my classes, you can expect me to bring you a heavier weight if I know that you are capable, or telling you to add more resistance and push harder on the bike. At the same time, I always hope to provide you with some laughs and help you to leave BPM feeling stronger and accomplished.

What type of music can you expect?

All things disco and any kind of music that makes you want to dance. You can expect all genres in my classes – any music to keep you moving and motivated.

Courtney’s favorite thing about BPM:
BPM has welcomed me from day one. The staff are so friendly and caring. All of the coaches work SO hard, and also know how to make things fun. I am so beyond grateful to be apart of this team and I can’t wait to keep growing at BPM.

Favorite Exercise:

Medicine Ball Slams

  • ACE Group Fitness Instructor
  • CPR & AED
  • Currently Training/Studying for The Russian Kettlebell Certification (RKC)