Caleb Porter

Master Coach

Caleb Porter
The Terminator

Caleb Porter began his fitness journey as a young athlete. He was an elite gymnast until he sustained a career ending injury leading to months of physical therapy. There he realized his passion for helping others. He worked in a physical therapy clinic assisting rehab programs as well as strength and conditioning circuits. His passion for helping others and watching them reach their goals, whether rehabilitative or athletic based, lead him to the following certifications: ACE personal training, NASM corrective exercise specialist and Functional Movement Screening.

What can you expect in Caleb’s classes?

I’m a pusher.. I push people. My class is filled with intensity, motivation, Dad jokes and infectious, yet obnoxious energy. Things that are often said: “Hate me now love me later.”, “Pain is love.”, and “It’s only 30 seconds!” I also sing and dance around… a lot.

Wes’s favorite thing about BPM:
BPM is my home away from home. The staff members are total bad asses with the most down to earth caring souls. It has felt like home from the moment I stepped in the door. That in combination of hard working members creates an indescribable atmosphere that fills the studio. I am beyond grateful for the new opportunity to grow into a better fitness professional and could not thank my BPM family enough for allowing me to unlock new potentials I never knew were there.

Favorite Exercise:
Pistol Squat ( on dumbbells and kettlebells specifically)

  • FMS 1
  • PN Level 1
  • TRX Qualified
  • Schwinn and Stages Indoor Cycling Certified
  • CPR & AED
  • Currently Training/Studying for Strongfirst SFG I & INN Integrative health coach