Brooke Walters


Brooke Walters
The Rockstar

Growing up Brooke was your classic band nerd. If you would have told 14-year-old Brooke that she would become a fitness instructor one day she probably would have laughed in your face.

It wasn’t until college that she really made a commitment to her health and wellness and discovered indoor cycling. Combining her love for music with a heart-pounding, invigorating workout felt like a dream come true.

Following undergrad, she moved to Philadelphia to begin physical therapy school and decided to take the plunge and become certified to teach cycling. She has been teaching for 6 years and still loves it as much as the day she started.

Eventually, she found herself in the weight room and quickly fell in love with the strength and the confidence she was building with each session.

Brooke is a Physical Therapist at Temple University Hospital primarily working with the trauma population. Fitness has continued to be an incredible outlet to help cope with the high intensity, high-stress nature of her full-time job and she loves being able to offer this outlet to others.

Coaching at BPM is her first time branching out and teaching classes off the bike!

What can you expect in Brooke’s classes:

Anything from music with HEAVY beat drops to early 00’s emo. With cycling, you can expect heavy hill climbs and maybe some cursing at Brooke under your breath.

I make random sound effects, unintentionally whip my hair around, and have been known to sing along with my playlists

Brooke’s favorite thing about BPM:
The inclusivity of the space! BPM is truly a home for anyone and everyone. A body neutral studio where anyone can come work out and leave feeling stronger and empowered.

Favorite Exercise:

Goblet Squats or TRX Low Row

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • MaddDogg Spinning
  • SPINPower
  • CPR & AED