The Story

The Story:

The BPM Experience™, founded by Shoshana Katz and Erin Moffitt, was designed from the desire to create the best and most high-powered workout in Philadelphia. Prior to BPM Fitness, Shoshana and Erin met in 2014 as fitness industry professionals. It was during this time that they often spoke about what was missing in the Philadelphia fitness scene. They agreed that the city was lacking an all-inclusive, full-body movement based workout that people can’t get enough of. Fast forward to 2017, and BPM Fitness was born. BPM delivers not only a great sweat, but a fun and supportive community that catalyzes its members to achieve real results through education and consistent practice.

The BPM Experience™ is not just a workout. It is an experience that pushes members to find their inner athlete, unleash their potential, and claim victory over their goals. Passion, willingness to work hard, and desire to take charge; that is what The BPM Experience™ is all about. The community Shoshana and Erin have built is one that allows members to be part of a team where everyone is a hero and everyone is in it together. The BPM Experience™ shatters the idea of, “I can’t,” and, “I am not enough,” and replaces it with, “I am enough. I am not alone. Together we are strong.”


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The Story
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