The Experience

There are four different class styles: The Circuit Breaker™, The Full Body Burn™, The Roots™, and Cycle BPM™. All four styles are featured on the schedule daily, and the workouts are programmed by movement instead of just by body part to allow you a fun, safe, and effective workout that you can come to as many times per week as you want.

The Expectation:

Our workouts are programmed for movement rather than body parts and are designed to be able to do every day. By targeting your entire body differently each day, we are able to give you the best and most complete full-body workout that torches calories and leaves you feeling stronger.

The Story:

The BPM Experience™, founded by Shoshana Katz, was designed from the desire to create the best and most high-powered workout in Philadelphia.


Located in the historic Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, BPM Fitness is in the heart of a growing area built on small business and community. Conveniently located a short distance from the Broad Street Line, BPM Fitness is easily accessible both by public transportation and on foot.


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