Abby Warner


Abby Warner
The Firecracker

Working in fitness was never a part of Abby’s plan for her life. Growing up, Abby always loved to be active, but was not a talented athlete in any way shape or form. She was a decent volleyball player, and always loved being part of a team. After being cut from her high school volleyball team, Abby fell out of athletics, and fitness took a back seat for several years while she put all of her energy in academics instead. Fast-forwarding to college at Drexel where she was studying nursing, fitness once again reappeared when she sought solace in it during what was the most difficult year of her life in 2015. Abby first fell in love with the physical rush and mental release of running, and weight training soon followed thereafter. It was not until the opening of BPM in 2017 that Abby finally experienced spin for the first time. Since starting her career as a full-time critical care nurse at a local Level 1 trauma center, Abby’s days off have revolved around her workout routines. Frequenting BPM, hot yoga studios, and the Schuylkill River Trail, Abby quickly learned that the best way to cope with a high-stress environment and emotional fatigue was through fitness. One day, while working out at a local gym, a trainer approached Abby and said, “You should do this” – and so she did. Six months later, Abby was being trained by BPM owner Shoshana, and her career in fitness had begun. Abby has now been able to enhance her passion for connecting and caring for others through the worlds of both healthcare and fitness, and feels so blessed to be doing what she loves on a day-to-day basis.

What can you expect in Abby’s classes:

When you’re in my class, you can expect me to be your biggest fan, cheering you on to crush your goals even when you doubt whether you can reach them. You can expect me to be right there at your bike, powering you through your hill or distance challenge. I will be right next to you, losing my bananas when you slam those ropes like there’s no tomorrow. I am here for you, because I know what it feels like to be in your shoes. I know how you want to feel—how you should feel—when you walk out of my class, and I am dedicated to helping you get there.

You can expect my taste in music to go from ghetto rap to 90s boy bands to rock n’ roll in the span of about three seconds. I’m little, I’m weird, and my energy is through the roof at all times. I encourage high fives and fist bumps because we’re all in this together.

Abby’s favorite thing about BPM:
Did I mention that I’m weird? My favorite thing about this studio is that you can be totally, completely, unapologetically yourself, and our community will love you for it. There is no “fit shaming” here. No one is looking to see how much you’re lifting because they’re judging you – they’re paying attention to your hustle and cheering you on. No one is judging if you need to lower your intensity because you’re tired, or you’re having a rough week – you do you boo. You showed up and we love you for it. When you walk in the front door of your gym and everybody knows your name – that’s what BPM is all about.

Favorite Exercise:

TRX Chest Press and Side-to-Side Ball Slams

  • FMS 1
  • PN Level 1
  • TRX Qualified
  • Schwinn and Stages Indoor Cycling Certified
  • CPR & AED
  • Currently Training/Studying for Strongfirst SFG I & INN Integrative health coach